So what, your dating a white girl?


Very moving video, of people against racism.

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Race and Ethnic Relations Class

I really enjoyed this class. It helped me to understand the power of words, and that I could perpetuate stereotypes by joking around and not paying close attention to what I was saying. I understand that words can hold power and should be given careful thought when expressing myself. That old saying “sticks and stones can break bones, but words can never hurt me” should say something like stick and stones might break bones, but will heal with time, but words should be used with caution and care. Take care class, gracious luck in your futures and Merry Christmas and a most excellent Happy New Year

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Can females actually understand sports?

So i know we spent most of the semester talking about racism but I wanted to bring up an argument I get into all the time about whether or not girls possibly understand sports.  Now, I’m a female who happens to love sports, specifically football and hockey.  The amount of times during the winter sports season I get told that I can’t possibly understand the full dynamic of either of those sports is ridiculous, especially with hockey because I’m pretty sure I know more about that sport than most people should. But to say girls don’t understand sports? Is it because sports are a thing that boys typically bond with their dad over when they’re young? Because if that’s where the stereotype comes from, that’s also how I happened to learn about football and baseball.  I just think it’s ridiculous to say that women are incapable of understand sports!

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My View of Race and Relations Class

     I have a new outlook on different races, ethnic groups, and nationalities, and religions and beliefs because of this class.  I have been shown that without realizing it, I have been expressing prejudices towards various walks of people, even my own.  I have never thought of myself as a ignorant, disrespectful person, but there are some definite things I can work on going forward in my life.  I’ve learned how minorities were set up to fail in this society.  We were never meant to prosper within this class system.  The only way we can be successful is to educate ourselves and others about the history of minorities and their oppression.  We must be educated about the different ways we can help each other to stop the vicious cycle that consumes us and keeps us trapped in our own thoughts of mediocrity and settling for less.  Instead we should be setting higher goals for ourselves and  our children, which in turn will teach them to do the same for theirs.  This is something that everyone should do, minorities and the majority alike, to better our towns, cities, states, countries, and the world.     

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Race and Ethnic Relations

This course has taught me a lot. I would never think about some of the topics that we have talked up unless it was brought up like this. Race especially, it really is not talked about too much anymore, people think that it is no more when that is not the case, we see it every single day. It does not matter what color skin you have, what nationality you are, what you like to do, nobody should be judged because of that. This is suppose to be a free country, when really it is not really like that still, people get judged all the time. And it is absolutely ridiculous. Can’t everybody get along? I would love to see the day when that happens. Thanks for a great semester, with interesting and very open topics.

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Visual Nature of Society

During our last class, our professor had brought up a good point on how although people may look alike, (race, gender, hair color, build, ect.) it is very unlikely that two people share the very same interests or hobbies. I thought about this as I myself have a very diverse group of friends who all enjoy many of the same things. Many of you im sure have witnessed someone say, “look at that guy” or “I wouldn’t trust that woman” or comments of that nature. I feel that this is unfortunately the internal of society today. Whether it be through media, music, or peers, people today have such a habit of judging others and choosing who to associate with simply based off image. However, I have often though of the other half to this equation. My father would always tell me when I was a kid going somewhere to act appropriate and look presentable because I was representing my family. I have always dressed the way I have wanted, and done the things I have done on my own accord. But as much as I like agree with someone being yourself, I do happen to agree to an extent of what image one portrays themselves as. 

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What has this course done for me?

Im sure during the course of this class, certain thoughts and opinions for different races, religions, and genders have been brought up or perhaps kept secret. It happens to be todays society that there are people who are sexist, racist, homophobic or whatever type of hatred they may have. Even though I consider myself to be a very open minded and kind person, I cannot help but appreciate the world’s different cultures and peoples behavior more since taking this class. One of my favorite hobbies in my spare time is watching movies. I find myself watching numerous documentaries or films that reference or are about another culture. One of my favorite movies, (i’m sure the cinema value is increased) is Ip Man. It is a action movie about the man who trained Bruce Lee. What i enjoy most about this movie is obviously is takes place in China, so the Chinese culture during early 1900’s is displayed in this movie. I find the Chinese culture very fascinating, as the value on family and appreciation for one another resembles my family as well. (In the movie) I love how simple some of their lives are, enjoying things such as company of others, and a good meal. For those of you who are also interested in movies or documentaries that shows another culture here are a few i have enjoyed. The Last Samurai, The Pianist, My Way, or Ip Man.

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