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To Save A Life

I recently watched the movie titled, “To Save A Life” and it made me realize how important social interaction is to a person’s own life. This movie is about a teenage boy who is a senior in high school and … Continue reading

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I couldn’t really find any articles that had to do w/racism.  I really don’t read the newspaper or watch the news I find it really depressing.  The only news I do know about is what Aol puts up on their homepage.  I do want to … Continue reading

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Women stepping up in 2010

Are women finally taking a step forward toward “sexism” in government? According to a CNN article posted on September 21st,  2010, the number of Republican woman running for Senate and Congressional seats has increased drastically this year. Many people have … Continue reading

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A Battle Won Against Discrimination In Adoption

Most of the 50 states allow homosexual adoption on some level. Since 1977, Florida has had a strict ban against it. Until yesterday. Yesterday 9/22/10, ban was struck down in Third District Court of Appeals. The ACLU (American Civil Liberties … Continue reading

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Over the past few class sessions, much of the discussion has revolved around the topic of race and if racism was still an issue in today’s society. Many people would like to believe that the importance of a person’s race … Continue reading

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A Biased Textbook, Says a Biased School Official This article is making the claim that there is a pro-Islam bias in history books that are being used in Texas.  The school board official for Odessa, Mr. Randy Rives, is heading this issue.  Mr. Rives makes the claim, … Continue reading

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Prejudice: I believe everyone is a little prejudice to some extent. They just won’t admit it. I have been around both white and black my whole life, and worked side by side with both types, lower and upper class white … Continue reading

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