Race and Ethnic Relations: The First Post…….

Race and Ethnic Relations appealed to me for two big reasons: 1. It was in my required list and was available at the time I was signing up for classes. 2. This class is what I live and work with day in and day out so I figured it would be a great chance to explore the thoughts of others and share my experiences while taking this course…… But enough about why I chose this class let’s get started on some Race and Ethnic discussion.

I work at a Lamb, Goat, and Bison stand at the West Side Market on W. 25th in Cleveland.  Down there the crowd is as diverse as they come.  I deal with people ranging from poor to rich, from Cathlic to Muslim, from black to white, from straight to gay, from Greek to Irish, and all of them bring there own stories and feelings to the West Side Market week in and week out.  Many people associate welfare with black people or lower class whites, but down at the market I see people of all races using food stamp cards.  An Indian man came in a suit and paid with a food stamp card I was shocked and proceeded to check the card to see if it belonged to him and sure enough it was his.  This helped open my eyes to the fact that all sorts of people in this country are using food stamps and welfare not just certain groups of people.  Unfortunatly for a good majority of them they abuse this privilege for example the other day a man came and bought four whole lamb loins at $10.99 lb. his total came out around $200 he handed me his food stamp card when it came time to pay I ran the card when the reciept printed to revealed his remaining balance after the $200 purchase to be $1,200.  I finished the transaction and set back and thought to myself, ‘wouldn’t it be nice if I could just go out and buy for whole loins to just grill up’, but alas I do not have an extra $200 that I can freely spend on lamb let alone on any high end food.  It makes you think why is it fair that the hard earned money that we make has to be taken through taxes and giving to people who “need it” so they can eat a nice $200 meal of lamb chops?

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