I’ve been watching the news on the proposed site of a Islamic Mosque, possibly being build near ground zero. Is it racism against the Middle-Eastern/Islamic community if the majority of the people in the United States oppose this site and believes it’s a really bad idea for the victims’ families of 9/11. I watched Imam Rauf (Islamic world religious leader)on Cnn the other night try to explain why they do not want to change the location of this Mosque. He stated that it will be a place “where all kinds of people from different backgrounds can worship and co-exist with one another, and it would be good for relations”. He also stated that it would be a really bad idea if they would try to compromise a different location for the Mosque, and this would “upset” the Islamic world and possibly anger would explode with the radicals and he fears this crisis will excel in violence. Does this upset me…absolutely it does. These “radicals” are the ones that killed thousands of innocent people, from all different backgrounds. Who cares if we will upset them? I certainly do not. Yes, America is the home to all kinds of people from many countries, and should not discriminate because of these radicals. I agree on that, however why can’t they just compromise a different location for this Mosque? It would make sense to just move it to another location in New York, away from Ground Zero Memorial Center. There are many, many places of worship from many different backgrounds and no-one has ever given anyone a hard time about it, until now. I propose a site for this Mosque that is a little farther from Ground Zero. Is that Racism? No, I don’t believe so.


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One Response to Racism

  1. The thing with this situation is this, those “radicals” do not make up the entire Islamic following population, and to deny the church the right to build in a site that has all ready been zoned, planned out and in the works from before 9/11 even happened would be like fueling the fire of seperation and indifference with a fan that sends out a gasoline mist. When the subway under the Towers was bombed in the 90’s, did we invade anyone? When the Oklahoma Fed. Building was blown up, did we take to the streets blaming “extreme christians”? What happened on 9-11 was a true tragedy but a indiviual, a groups rights is a groups right, the right to practice and express themselves in whatever relgious fashion they choose to and if we do not allow them too, then yes, it will send a bad message. A message that we as Americans, which allow people to burn flags, have a Court system that lets child rapists walk free in under a year in many cases & Nfl players that can hit and kill a man while drunk recieve only 30 days in jail, rally behind the wrong things and are selective in those which we oppose. I love me some America, hell fought for her even, but the reason I did and continue to do that, is because we live in the counrty with the HIGHEST LEVEL OF FREEDOM, where you can do and pursue what you will as long as it falls within the confines of the law and well, this church is well within the law to do what they are planning to do. Now do I think that its a D move or that the church should show some concern about the potential backlash and animosity that will be created when they move forward, YES, of course I do, but thankfully for ALL OF US, we live in a place that does not “go on” feelings alone and makes descisions based on a system of equality and non seperation. Well equality in the sense of rights, I wont go into Financial or Educational equality lol but I think we all know what I mean here. The minute we begin to isolate and seperate those in which we allow to embrace the rights that come along with living here, well then Im sorry but we will be no better than a country that allows a group of men to stone, beat and hang a women.

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