A Battle Won Against Discrimination In Adoption

Most of the 50 states allow homosexual adoption on some level. Since 1977, Florida has had a strict ban against it. Until yesterday. Yesterday 9/22/10, ban was struck down in Third District Court of Appeals. The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), filed a case on behalf of Martin Gill and his partner who are foster parents to 2 little boys they took in. The two brothers, 8 and 4, came to Mr. Gill 4 years earlier and were in poor shape with ring worm as well as other health problems. The older child, 4 at the time, was so involved with parenting the smaller child before Gill took them in, that he had a hard time adjusting to just being a child with a real care giver. Gill took them in and they are now healthy, happy and well cared for. With the ban being overturned, Gill can adopt them. The Court ruled that it was :

“unconstitutional because it violates his

rights to equal protection, privacy, and due process.”

So many children in this country do not have a home. I do not understand why we continue to deny homes to these kids or children to parents who will love them. What do we have to gain in discriminating against people who are perfectly able to give love and raise children. What do the children stand to lose by denying them that love.  On the other end of this are the parents who are able to have children but shouldn’t. What about the parents these kids had before Gill and his Partner? The bigger question to me is since when did we find proof that someones sexual preference affects parenting? As far as I have found, we have none. If there had been a case, I can pretty much guarantee the media would have let us know by now.

Lastly, to the characters of Mr. Gill and his Partner, it is hard enough to be a parent but these gentlemen took in children with special circumstances and now they are thriving. To me that is successful parenting. That is proof these gentlemen are the best fit to raise these boys.


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2 Responses to A Battle Won Against Discrimination In Adoption

  1. michaelflatt says:

    In terms of research, what it reveals is that for the most part there are no significant differences in outcomes when comparing outcomes of children raised in same-sex households to those of opposite-sex households. There are some differences, however. Children raised in same-sex households tend to be more egalitarian, with greater flexibility when it comes to traditional gender roles. It is also interesting to think about this issue of adoption across racial and ethnic lines. Some make the argument that a child needs a role model from within their social group (i.e. African American; Heterosexual father) in order to learn those kinds of roles. What do others think?

  2. acute73 says:

    If we look at the issue in a way similar to boys being raised solely by their mothers, I have never met a man who seemed less a man because he was raised by his mother. In another instance, my father contributed to many of my character traits. He is considered by many to be very masculine. However, I could never be mistaken for masculine as far as I know. My reaction to this is that though I believe people should have exposure to their heritage, I don’t feel roles are necessarily solely learned from parents. In fact, I feel exposure to all different types of heritage, culture, people and life situations shape a person.

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