I believe everyone is a little prejudice to some extent. They just won’t admit it. I have been around both white and black my whole life, and worked side by side with both types, lower and upper class white and black. Some groups of both black and white, have been ignorant, lazy and have been prejudice against each other. The less-educated people have the worst perception of each individual race. The blacks are raised to “hate” the white people because of slavery and “it‘s a white man‘s world“, and the whites are brought up to hate black people because they were told they are inferior and dangerous. I was told to hate no-one and God made us all equal, we just come in different colors. Since I was 8 yrs old, I have seen both sides of racism. Also, I have experienced both black and white non-racist people, and they were usually positive, uplifting, ambitious and raised to hate no one. Both races would have negative things to say about their “own” race and were prejudice against their own if they were ignorant and “stupid”.

This was refreshing to me as I grew up, to hear that not everyone was prejudice against one another. I have always said there is ignorance in every race, African-American, Caucasian, Greek, Italian, Irish, and Muslim, etc. But we must not group them all together, and blame them for every mistake their own race has made. Don’t blame me for slavery….I would have never done that, nor have I ever known anyone to do that in my family. And I have had the best of friends that were black, they are funny, ambitious, smart and outspoken, this does not make them dangerous or inferior, because of their color. I am kind of disgusted when each race blames the other for something wrong. Everyone has a choice in his/her life, opportunities are usually endless (aside from this recession) for the people who seek a change, want a better life, and are ambitious and never give up! I say take responsibility and make a change for yourself. But those lazy people from all races will continue to live off the government and will become complacent, and they are the ones that blame the other race when something goes wrong. It’s a vicious cycle that hopefully will get better as the generations become more aware that prejudice exists, become educated and not discriminate. Oh what a world that would be!


About missy40

I'm pursuing a degree in Social Work.
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