Over the past few class sessions, much of the discussion has revolved around the topic of race and if racism was still an issue in today’s society. Many people would like to believe that the importance of a person’s race has diminished over the years. Others argue that a person’s race holds an even greater significance in our current society. When we look at the idea of race, strictly focusing on the United States, we define the term by mainly looking at a person’s skin color. This idea is particularly interesting when looking at our current president.

As mentioned in class, President Obama is the first “black” president to be elected into office. This gives people the idea that race has continually become less and less important when considering the color of ones skin. It seems that the American people have spoken and voted for the best candidate on the basis of character, confidence, and the ability to change the country for the better. The American people have looked past President Obama’s race and background, which shows the changing views of the current society.

On the other hand, the election of President Obama as the first “black” president of the United States has created a counter argument when looking at the idea of race. If our society truly believes that the idea of race has diminished then the election of Obama wouldn’t have been such a monumental accomplishment. Our government is set up where presidential elections occur every four years so a new president coming into office is a regular occurrence. The fact that the public and the media looked at President Obama’s election into office as a major historical occurrence just because of his skin color reinforces the idea that race still plays a big role in the way people are viewed in our society.

It is very interesting to look at how society chooses to view people who have been classified as “different”. Everyone knows that many minority groups have been persecuted throughout history. This fuels the fire when looking at how ones race determines whom people associate with. I understand that fact that people like to associate with others who are most like them but is there a real connection between one’s race and who they tend to spend time or do business with? I believe there is and it is easily observed if you stop and take the time to look who is around you.

Overall, I personally believe that the idea of race is and will always be around our society. Some people tend to view others who are “different” in a negative way just because they don’t care or even want to try and get to know the person. They judge the person on what they see, mainly their physical appearance, and not on what they do or have accomplished. I don’t think this idea of prejudging is appropriate or should be put up with but we all know that people tend to do it. Many people can try and get people to change, I believe our generation has come a long way on the idea of race but I do believe that no matter what, race will always be present in the American Society.

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