Sarah Shourd

Sarah Shourd, a hiker that was arrested and detained by the Iranian authorities recently returned home to the US.  She left behind her fiance Josh Fattal and friend Shane Bauer.  The two men are still being detained in an Iranian prison.  All three were accused of being spies and illegally crossing the Iran border.  Sarah was detained for over a year but released on humanitarian grounds.  President Ahmadinejad was here in the US and met with Sarah , but details of that meeting are still unknown.  Sarah planned to plead for her two friends release.  It was really surprising to me that after all that she has been through how gracious she has been and how well she spoke of the Iranian people.  She was urging the American people to not let the act of her being released go unnoticed.  It makes me wonder if these are her true feelings  or if she is just fearful for the safety of her two friends.  She is a humanitarian that taught English to Iraq and Palestinian refuges, but how can she not be furious at the Iranian Government.  It seems that they are using this situation as a means for manipulation and leverage against the US.  Sarah also spoke of the importance of diversity and of her want to be a bridge between people in the US and people of Iran.  What happens if the two remaining prisoners don’t get released?   If the bridge gets burnt how long would it take to be rebuilt?

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