Women stepping up in 2010

Are women finally taking a step forward toward “sexism” in government? According to a CNN article posted on September 21st,  2010, the number of Republican woman running for Senate and Congressional seats has increased drastically this year. Many people have pointed out that our former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has played a major part in this matter by supporting and encouraging these women so that they can show society they can perform just as well as men can.
If we just take a minute to look around and analyze what is going on around us, we can see that woman are the majority of people graduating from medical school, law school, and with the most Ph.Ds. As this article states, “there is no reason why women should only account for a small 16 percent of Congress.”

I believe this accounts for even more than just a form of sexism, it also shows a clear example of a glass ceiling. A glass ceiling created by a society dominated by men in which women are looked as the bearer of our children and where they have an ascribed role since the moment of birth. It is time for barriers to be broken down and for women to be seen as individuals, nothing less.

A question now arises to my mind; will women ever be considered or given the same opportunities as men? I think this could be possible, but it will take a lot of work and effort to break this habit.

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2 Responses to Women stepping up in 2010

  1. acute73 says:

    What a great post! I am one of the many women trying to break lots of barriers. It seems to help me to live my life in a way where I am almost saying “Yes, I am a female, what is your point!” Though I don’t feel this necessarily changes the way people feel about my gender, I do feel it empowers me to not see myself with limitations and strive for things without thought of boundary. This may seem unrealistic but I have improved a lot of things in my life by just pushing forward and it has gained me respect in many areas. I doubt unless serious changes are made that I will ever be satisfied but I do feel some things are slowly improving.

  2. g307 says:

    I believe that men, in some way, fear the talent, the qualifications, and the capabilities that women are able to achieve. I sometimes feel intimidated by women that are not afraid to take charge. By those women that will not accept a “no” for an answer. But unfortunately, for those strong individuals like yourself, it has been noticeably harder to achieve the same status as men would have in the same position because of your sex. I think women should strive to be more like you and not just “almost say it” but just plain out say it “I am a woman, what is your point?”

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