I couldn’t really find any articles that had to do w/racism.  I really don’t read the newspaper or watch the news I find it really depressing.  The only news I do know about is what Aol puts up on their homepage.  I do want to say something about that mosque that they are thinking about building.  Again I don’t know if anything has changed this past month about this topic.  I think Muslims should have the right to practice their religion.  It isn’t the best idea to put it near ground zero, but stuff happens.  There are churches for every other religion why not Muslims.  Not all Muslims are bad people.  My muslim friend wouldn’t hurt a fly.  It is stereotyping basically, since muslims were invovled in 9/11 if we have a church it is going to happen again.  Not all white or african americans are murders, some are but some aren’t.  We need to get past the sterotype and let them have a church.

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