Rutgers University Student Suicide

Follow the link below to read a story about a university student who killed himself after his roommate secretly taped him in a homosexual act and broadcast it on the Internet. Both of the suspects are identified as minorities, and prosecutors are looking into whether they should be tried using hate crime statutes to carry a heavier sentence than just an invasion of privacy violation. What do you think? Post a comment!

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3 Responses to Rutgers University Student Suicide

  1. djones312 says:

    My feelings are that they should absolutely be tried using the hate crime statutes. If this student were a heterosexual, do you think that his roommate and his roommates friend would have gone through the process to tape and broadcast him in a homosexual act on the internet? I say no. Maybe this issue hits harder to home because my brother is gay but think about it. This student was someones son, brother, and friend. He had his privacy invaded all because of his sexual orientation. All I can think of is how this would affect me if it were my own brother. I’d want them prosecuted to the fullest harshest extent. If society doesn’t set the tone, then hate crimes will only refer to race related crimes.

    Now a days, when you hear hate crime, you think white on black, black on white, hispanic on black, etc. In 2009, the Matthew Shepard Act was passed and added to what defines a hate crime in The United States. This act contains crimes motivated by the victim’s gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability.

    We need to step up and protect our citizens as a whole. We need to set a precedent on how this will not be tolerated in our country.

    • I fully agree with you, this type of thing is becoming “ok” more and more in the eyes of the younger crowd and an example needs to be made, it is not all right to target and exploit someone in a hurtful manner simply because of their race or sexual orientation. Not saying its ever right to target and exploit someone, was jut saying ha ha. What was done to this young man was a shame and a tragedy, I feel sad for his family and loved ones, I hope that they at least get to see justice served in the courtroom if no where else at this time in their lives.

  2. acute73 says:

    We are dealing with two very sad social issues here. Suicide and yes, a hate crime. What really makes my heart ache is that the people who invaded this young mans privacy are being referred to as fine, upstanding students. Meanwhile, this mans family is facing a tradgedy not only because their family member commited suicide but the media frenzy that can’t even give them their peace and dignity to mourn. Mr. Clamentis privacy was invaded, he was publically humiliated and now he is dead. There is nothing fine or upstanding about it. They broke the law and the hearts of not only Mr. Clementi, but his family and all of those of us who have lost family to suicide. A mother and father lost their son. I am disgusted by this whole situation and I think people who commit these crimes should have to face the fullest punishmet available for this crime. On another note, there is a walk to raise money for suicide awareness on October 30th in the Cleveland area. It held by Out Of The Darkness if anyone who reads this is interested.

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