Cab Driver In NY stabbed because he was Muslim… Ugh Really?

This post was too large to copy and paste so I think I copied the web address correctly. My title says a good deal about it but allow me to shed more light. A hard working, honest person, a American legally and here serving others being a cabby, and happens to be muslim, was stabbed and attacked by a white male who hopped into his cab that night. The ride began all right and the guy was asking the cabby where he was from and if he was muslim, when the victim responded yes to that question the attacker began to mock and make fun of the driver. When the ride came to a end, the cabby was attacked by the man as he screamed out “this is the check point, I have to take you down”, and he began to stab the driver. The driver begged for his life and pleaded for the attacker to stop what he was doing. Thankfully the driver was able to get out of the cab and get help. The police arrested the man and here is a snipit from the article to sum up what happened.

“The Manhattan district attorney charged Mr. Enright with second-degree attempted murder as a hate crime, first-degree assault as a hate crime and criminal possession of a weapon. He was arraigned on Wednesday in Manhattan Criminal Court, appearing in cargo shorts and a polo shirt, and ordered held without bail. If convicted of the top charge, he would face up to 25 years in prison.”

I feel this man should get the maxium sentence for the crime committed and I feel ashamed that he would try to pull a “Combat Stress” card on a clear crime of hate and utter disgustingness! Throw the book at this guy and set an example that crimes against people for their ethnic or racial backgrounds should not and WILL not be tolerated!


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3 Responses to Cab Driver In NY stabbed because he was Muslim… Ugh Really?

  1. missy40 says:

    I absolutley agree with you. Hate crimes are out of ignorance. But unfortunatley ignorance in individuals will be around unless people are educated or they learn not to hate and it all begins at home.

  2. lrt4806 says:

    I feel Mr. Enright, was using the Scapegoat hypotheis ,because soon as the Cab Driver answer his question.That he was a Muslim. That did not give Mr Enright the right to attack the cab driver. Also it shows how ignorance people can be when it comes to other races. And he should be with second degree murder.

  3. poloizhrvatske says:

    I’m not only shocked but disgusted after reading this article. For living in AMERICA, the land of free religion, this action is so out of bounds that Mr. Enright clearly needs to take a step back and analyze what this country stands for. I found his actions even more mind boggling after reading this part of the article: “Mr. Enright is also a volunteer with Intersections International, an initiative of the Collegiate Churches of New York that promotes justice and faith across religions and cultures”. Someone please explain to Mr. not-so’Right’ not to be ‘terrified’ as his lawyer states and to get over himself supposedly since “He’s just trying to cope” because it’s going to take the rest of his life to fully understand what he has done not only to himslef but to the victim and his family. I hope this never repeats.

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