empathy for minorities

After just browsing articles about racism, I came across an article on ABC News titled, “Confronting Racism.” The article was written as an overview and conclusion to a social experiement that ABC News put on to see exactly how people (bystanders) would react when placed in the middle of an awkward discriminative situation. What they did was have two hispanic men go into a deli and speak very broken English as they ordered. The clerk, who was hired by ABC News, responded with racial slander and loudly, verbally insulted the two hispanic men. What they found was that most of the customers either left the deli, or kept to themselves about what was going on. Only one or two had anything to say about it; of those two people one took the clerk’s side and the other took the side of the two hispanic men.

ABC News then did the same exact experiment with two hispanic women. They found that poeple are much more willing to stand up and say something when minority women are being insulted for not being “American” than when men are victims of racism.

This article just made me think of a situation that i was placed in at work about a week ago. I work at a tanning salon. Two girls about 19 or 20 came in. One was fair skinned and the other was black. I had other customers in the salon waiting to be placed in a bed. The dirty looks that were given to this poor black girl by the other customers was repulsive.

See, what the other customers were wondering was what a black girl was doing in a tanning salon because with her having a very dark complexion, she obviously does not need to go tanning to develop a tan. Instead, she was there to use the tanning beds as a remedy to a skin condition she has. Her doctor told her to go tanning.

I think it’s sickening how negatively opinionated people can be.

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