Lebron James


If you didn’t know, Lebron James answered a question by Soledad O’Brien, a CNN news reporter, regarding his one hour TV special, “The Decisions”. Eventually, O’Brien asked if the criticism James received as egotistical and narcissistic had racial undertones.

“I think so, at times. There is always a race factor,” James said.

The reason Lebron James is the 6th most hated sport figure, is the way he left. I’ve heard different statements from media outlets, talk-radio, and friends saying how uneducated Lebron James really is. I feel most of the backlash for Lebron is how he left the city of Cleveland to join the Miami Heat, not that he is an African American male. The one hour special was a bad mistake for him and his brand. Let’s face it, we all have friends or know someone born and raised in Cleveland, and move away upon graduation. Lebron should have used grace, and shown compassion for the city of Cleveland, and for their fans. This he did not do and was his biggest mistake. I feel as if he is using race to deflect on how poor “The Decision” really was, or the way he went about it.

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