It is sad to hear that people are being discrminated about racial factors. I have been reading a lot this week about people being discriminated against because they are gay. A student from Rutger University committed suicide this week because his roommate leaked it over the internet. I also read an article about a man taking a leave of abscence from work because he was blogging about an openly gay student. I believe that this is horrible to make fun of people for being gay. It is how they feel and express themselves. Everyone has their own rights and feelings. People that are gay hide it for a long time until they decide that to “come out of the closet.” It is horrible to think that they finally have the guts to admit to people who they really are and when they finally admit it to their family and friends they are being discriminated against. Everyone has their own thoughts and some of their thoughts should be kept to themselves. People can be cruel in the world and they should not be bringing down other people also because they have a homophobeia. It is sad to see the results of what happened because of other peoples actions.

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2 Responses to Racism

  1. daisymay07 says:

    This is really sad. People don’t want to be an open gay american because people don’t accept that in society. Espically in like the acting world. T.R Knight aka George from Greys anatomy told everyone that he was gay. One of the actors didn’t want to work with him so he left the show. As the seasons progressed T.R Knight was getting less and less airtime so he ended up leaving the show. I think it is a shame homosexuals are just like heterosexuals. When I came out as a bisexual I knew that I would loose friends and get made fun of, but that didn’t stop me. I was already being made fun of hardcore so I was use sly comments. The only thing is my parents don’t know becuase my dad is homophobic. I made freinds recently with a transgender person and I told my dad and I couldn’t believe some of the things he said about a person he didn’t even know.

  2. missy40 says:

    People are unbelievable, this will never change. Some people make fun and do very nasty things to make themselves feel better. It was a sad day to learn about the gay student that took his life, and the 4 others in the past month that also committed suicide for that reason. I wish they would have had someone to talk to, before they reacted in such a matter. But I also understand how one can get so down on themselves, when they feel no-one is there to understand.

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