Society and Its’ “Excuses?”……

So the other day my friend says something about a white guy getting upset because he did not get into Harvard. Reason being: a female women with lower scores and grades than him did.  When I asked “if he had better scores why did he not get in?” , my friend replied :

“1)Shes a women, and 2) shes of Hispanic decent. “

I wasn’t shocked at all with the response.  I actually somewhat agreed that this was the logical reason although the thought of it is frowned upon. America is all about equality, right? Why is it, for example minority groups get an advantage with college applications ie: Cost of Tuition, More Scholarships, etc. I mean its not just minority groups either, it can be almost anything from eye color to being left handed. One can  receive such scholarship aid. One can’t help but notice. Is this just another form of affirmative action, or am I mislead? Correct me if I’m wrong. Or maybe its just another form of modern racism?  If we want to get rid discrimination , don’t you think society needs to stop making excuses ,ie: by awarding people for their differences?

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