Female crash test dummies


This is going to be my post for the 3rd blog entry.  If anyone has any thoughts on this I would like to hear them.    I was watching this short video and I first thought to myself, “Why does it matter if the dummy is a male or female?”  As I was watching they explained and I thought to myself that is so true.  I am considered petite and my b/f hates driving my car because he is all scrunched and it is really funny to see (my b/f is 6’2″ by the way).  I didn’t even think when I was buying a new car that if it is safe for women.  I find it shocking that 2 out of 34 cars has recieved a 5 star rating with this new testing the companies are doing.  I am just glad they brought this to my attention because when I am in the market of a new car when every I need a new car (which hopefully not 4 a long long time) I can ask the question about female safety or hopefully when I do need a new car that this test on female dummies will be a routine stantard thing.  I am just glad somebody is looking out for the saftey of others.  They should make a female pregnant crash test dummy and fix the seatbelt situation.  My b/f’s sister is 7 months pregnant and she says she can’t wear a seatbelt because she is so big.  Plus my thoughts about the seatbelt while pregnant is wouldn’t the lap belt hurt the baby in a crash? I don’t know I haven’t been pregnant so I wouldn’t know.

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