Kids and Online Bullying – Parents should be aware

I read a great article discussing empathy and how this value might help children from online bullying. In recent weeks I’ve seen a number of crimes being committed via the Internet, and parents looking for answer on how they can stop online bullying. It’s hard for some parents to adjust, living in a time where it’s easy for a child to isolate themselves from all sorts of people in society they might otherwise regularly rub shoulders with. Online chat rooms, social network sites, up to the minute texts, and online videos are the new playgrounds for children to act out. The frustrating part is, their online behavior mostly becomes invisible to a busy parent who might normally be able to help guide them. The article suggests you can teach your children all the manners in the world, but parents need to make teaching of empathy a priority in their children

“Empathy is the ability to place oneself in another’s shoes and to feel another’s suffering vicariously. We need to start young in teaching kids about caring for others. When children do not develop empathy, they act solely in pursuit of their own desires. While this may be pleasurable to the child, the lack of consciousness of others’ feelings is not good for society and may make children more inclined to bully.”


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