So last saturday my little brother became a victim of racism. He was walking our dog down our street and he was stopped by a drunk white man. The man kept asking my brother where did he come from and why was he (my brother) in his city and he had no right to be there. My brother tried to ignore the man. the man kept asking him “don’t you know english boy, answer me” my brother finally stopped when the guy kept calling hin a f***ing nigger. The drunk man went on to say that niggers like him didn’t deserve to be in Lakewood and him and our nigger dog had to leave the city. My brother is usually is a hot-head with a quick temper, but he kept his composure and told the guy that he wasnt going take this kind of treatment.

My brother is only 16 years old and did not deserve to be treated like that. Jamil is tall and dark-skinned and its people like the guy he encounter that makes my brother and other african-americans (especially males) feel insecure about the color of his skin. He was so hurt that he just went to that as soon as he got home, his eyes started to water and he started flipping out about how times are supposed to be different.

My mother was super heated over the whole situation. When she went to go find out what happened, he continued to call my brother a nigger in front of her. My mother is the type of parent where she doesn’t like for anyone to mess with her kids. Instead of “acting her color” or like her stereotype and going to fight the man she stayed calm. Sunday morning she wrote him a letter talking about how she was offended and how her kids didn’t deserve that treatment. She told the man about how Jamil was selected out of billions of kids to attend a concert at the white house last February. She also told him about all the awards and recognitions I received. She stuck the letter as well as a cake and the porch.

Until you actually experience it for yourself, you never really realize how much racism hurts. Unfortunately some people refuse to change their views about people. This is making it extremely hard for our world to become a better, peaceful place.

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2 Responses to IGNORANCE AMONG US!!!

  1. spiro20 says:

    I agree with you. Most people don’t go through racism in their lives. We all go through drama and stereotyping in high school, but nothing compares to you being pointed out because of your skin color. I’m foreign myself and understand what it is like for people to talk to you like that. I have had the same encounter when people tell me that I’m foreign and need to go back to my own country. This is so messed up. We should all be equal and remind those ignorant people to become peaceful.

  2. acute73 says:

    I think it is fair to say we all experience some sort of discrimination in our lives. However, this was so terribly blatant and disturbing that I don’t know that I would have had the composure your family did to handle it with that kind of class and dignity. It certainly is a fine example of how racism is still running loose threatening to rear it’s ugly head at any given moment.

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