Selective Perception

Upon learning about selective perception in class, I seem to notice the negative stereotypes about other races more. When I was on the bus there were two young blacks boys who looked as if they have a rough life, they were swearing and shooting dice. There was the bad asian driver who kept swerving from lane to lane, and a jewish woman who was complaining about prices. Yesterday, I even got to see a guy who had this huge shamrock tattoo on his arm (im assuming he’s irish) who smelled like straight up liquor.

It’s so funny how you start to notice all these so call characteristics about certain races. If I was to see two white boys shooting dice, I would still think its wrong but it wouldn’t have had as much impact as the black children doing it. I think selective perception is something that’s going to be around for a long time, UNLESS we just take those coincidences as just that and not as that race’s way of life.

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One Response to Selective Perception

  1. spiro20 says:

    There are a lot of “selective perceptions” that people do and do not even take in account. My favorite one is when a person is driving really slow in from of you, i automatically think it’s an older person driving. Most of the times it is an older person when i have checked, however the times that it is not, i totally ignore it.

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