A Discriminating Society

After watching the movie “A Class Divided” many thoughts and feelings came to my mind. Why is it that we judge people because of the way they look? Because of what we see on the outside? Sometimes I wonder if it is ignorance, a lack of education, or just the way we were brought up to be and think about other individuals. Have you even wondered how people in other counties, in different societies act toward people they consider “different”?

Well I have a story to share with you. I had the great opportunity to move to this country about nine years ago but before that I spent the first 15 years of my life in a small city in South America. I don’t remember seeing people of “color” besides tourists once in a blue moon. In this city I lived in, the word “black” or “negro” was only used to describe people that committed crimes, people that showed no education, and people with evil thoughts. So we basically judged people because of their actions and not because of the way they look. Maybe it was simply because there were no people of “color”, but that I would never know. As you could imagine, once I got to this country and i was able to understand the language, it was hard for me to comprehend why most people in this society judge other people because of their skin color or because of where they come from. What I have concluded is that this has happened because this society has allowed it to happen for many years, because of politics, religion, and because the dominant group wants more power and control over the rest of the people. This society we live in has attached many negative attributes to people of color and to people who do not look like the rest of them. These actions have lead us to prejudge other people without knowing their true intentions, or anything else about them, just the mere fact that they are different it makes them less than the rest of the individuals. I believe this way of thinking is absurd and we should work together to implement these types of films (“A Class Divided”) into the school curriculum so that future generations don’t have to deal with this type of discrimination and our kids will know better than judge people just because of their skin color.

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