Merkel says German multi-cultural society has failed

Please take some time to read the following short article that appeared online today.   It is completely relevant to our discussions of assimilation versus pluralism. What are your thoughts on a nation’s leader claiming that attempts at cultural pluralism have led to complete failure. This is a pretty provocative point of you, and I am excited to hear and read what your thoughts are on this matter!

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2 Responses to Merkel says German multi-cultural society has failed

  1. sumbadee says:

    As the polls show its pretty much evident that the dominant society is feeling pressured by immigrants ‘over-run by foreigners” , therefore placing them as scapegoats for anything stunting the country’s growth. This if we recall from chapter 3 in the book? Is the same thing that happened to European Immigrants that came to America. And I agree that if your going to reside in another country , one should at least learn to speak the language.

  2. mufc20 says:

    I agree with Merkel on trying to make this a law, because in any country you go to, people should honor and respect their culture, especially if you will be living there. Learning to speak the language I think should be done before you enter that country if you will be residing and working their permenantly.

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