Dont Ask Dont Tell Out, Gays and Lesbians In…the Army that is~

A federal Judge ordered the United States Military and its Branches today that IT MUST stop enforcing the Dont ask Dont Tell Policy, which as it stood, did not allow for openly gay and lesbian soldiers to serve in the military. The order was followed up by the pentagon releasing statements to the Recruiting Branches nationwide that they are to stop the non allowance and to open up their doors and ranks for our fellow AMERICANS wanting to fight for our freedom, they just happen to be gay and lesiban, big whoop, a soldier is a soldier, but now I will say this….There still needs to be maintained, a fighting force that is as fierce as it is wise and educated. We must not forget that the reason we all live the lives we do as of the past 200 years is because as Orwell put it……

 “We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence upon those who would do us harm.”

I just do not want to see some of the more, “extreme” gay and lesibian indviduals join out of just joining because they can and then cause trouble in the ranks, because simply there are some in the service, Infantry, Tankers and such that might not be so accepting of a very flamboyent person in there midst and We also must think of those men and womens rights as well, for they are the ones standing ready in the night. Peace and Love my brothas and sistas~ see you in class tonight…


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3 Responses to Dont Ask Dont Tell Out, Gays and Lesbians In…the Army that is~

  1. acute73 says:

    I must ask exactly what is viewed to be an “Extreme” gay or lesbian individual? I certainly have never met anyone, gay or otherwise, who would want to join the military just to upset the ranks. Who would want to go through that kind of training and be away from their loved ones for the sole purpose of making a point? What if people have been mistreated because they are homosexual and just want the right to be protected while they serve their country from the abuses many homosexuals face? I don’t believe people who are gay want to join the military because they are gay and want to start trouble, I think they want to serve their country because they want to protect freedom.

    • You would be amazed the things people do in this world and the reasons behind them, I was just saying that Im all for the equal treatment of everyone, I just dont want trouble in the ranks. By “extreme” allow me to be I guess clearer, the more sick and perverted homosexual side that sadly uses “things” and even “animals” in there gratification process or who are into other sexual practices that simply may not jive well with others, now hey not saying all Homosexual people do this, HENCE the use of the “extreme” earlier, You asked what I meant and well there it is. Im all for people serving their country, but you must also think of those all ready serving and the all ready established system in place, any major shock to that system could very well bring about the collapse of everything it stands to protect and well then none of us would be advocating or fighting for anything other than our freedom because without a strong military we will surely loose what little we have left~

  2. daisymay07 says:

    This is a step in the right direction that a judge is saying we must stop enforcing this. I don’t understand what the army is scared of. You allow men and women to join, if they army is scared of 2 homosexuals to have sex then they should be scared of 2 heterosexual have sex, but I don’t know if that is what they are scared for. If homosexuals wants to join the army all for them good for them. I would like for everyone who is homophobic to walk in the shoes of a homosexual and then they would realized that all the s***t they have to take. There are not a lot of poeple enlisting these days if they are turning away people that are perfectly capable of fighting that is messed up.

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