Afghan teenager

             A 19-year-old Afghan teenager, identified only as Aisha, has stepped out in public for the first time, telling everyone about her nose being cut off by her husband. The reason why he cut off her nose was because he wanted to punish her for running away.

             It was really wrong of him to try to punish his wife for leaving him. However we are speaking about uncivilized country, were women do not have any rights what so ever. The men can go out and do whatever they want, but if the women do it, it is wrong!  That seems really unfair to us that we have not grown up to those kinds of traditions. The Afghan women have been dealing with this for a long time and have no other choice but to accept it.

             If Aisha was still living in her country, she would have probably been killed. I’m sure the husband was never prosecuted. Matter of fact, he was probably praised for his actions. I cannot believe that a lot of the Muslims tolerate this kind of behavior. They should have at least some people stand up for all the poor women being mistreated by the men. I know that is going to take a long time to happen, because changes do not happen fast. Just like the women in America had to go through the old times, the Arabic women have to go through it now.

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