discrimination to harmless people

So I went on facebook the other day and saw somethng about wearing purple… When I read more about it, it was for the children who commited suicide this year because they got picked on since they were gay. WOW, really what has this world come to? I cant believe anyone would pick on a person so much that the person would commit suicide.  Then there is the problem with gypses in France, are they really bothering people so much that they have to be forced out of the country…or are French peole just a little stuburn? Then there is Germany, of all countries Germany had to be the one, really? I know there is a HUGE population of Turks living in Germany but most of them deserved to be there beacuse they have earned there living there, so i cant believe that the chancelor is being very aggressive with this whole foreign people talk that she had this week. I do agree that a person should speak the language of the country that they are in. However, no accent? Thats just crap! Then there is the U.S. and illegal immigrants, I understand that illegal immigrants shouldn’t be here but they do most of the dirty jons here. Now that the economy is bad and there arent any jobs out here poeple want them to go home, so they are inforcing rules in Arizona. I mean if they have already been here for a while why not let them stay? I think maybe the government should work on better border control or just let them work here, but dont discriminate and call them out. All of these people are being treated so unfairly and unkindly…why? because other people are haters that dont care.


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One Response to discrimination to harmless people

  1. daisymay07 says:

    i personally think that people pick on things they are scared of or don’t understand. it is a sad to think about but people are ignornat these days

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