Urg this made me sick and VERY angry


i was reading this a couple of weeks ago and personally it disgusted me.  We need more cops to prevent gang formation.  I have said this plently of times before and i’ll keep on saying it.  It is hard being out of the norm in society and homosexual americans should have to be scared of who they are.  I don’t think that these gangmembers would like what they did to these gay americans.  I think they would freaking hate it.  I was most shocked that gang members beat up some1 for 4 freaking hours!!!!!!!!! that is freaking rediculous.  Urg makes me mad reading it the second time around.  WHO CARES IF SOMEONE IS GAY!!!!!!  Didn’t n e body’s parents teach their kids if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all????  it is people like these gangmembers that a lot of L.G.B.T.Q americans don’t want to come out and openly say I am gay.  urg!!!!!! really what is america coming to these days.

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