America’s Reconstruction?

After lecture Tuesday evening, I thought about a major period in America which was probably the most devastating to the moral of human beings; America’s Reconstruction period. It was such a devastating time for African-Americans. Not only were they denied once but twice. Their hopes and dreams were crushed, and again they watched family and friends melt into a society that did not make them equal. Lynching, segregation, racial disorder, hate crimes, and hopelessness, were all realities in the lives of former slaves. (mainly in the south) After the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln did as much as possible in the short time he was President to help the Slaves. It is a time in history they finally felt that someone fought for them and had the integrity and backbone to go against half of our nation, and at least start a process that would eventually give rights to all. I cannot believe that not one of our former Presidents after Lincoln, made that time in our history a priority. What were they thinking? Why did it take so long to have a desegregated nation? I realize many former slaves eventually realized their potential and were given opportunities and lived a rewarding and joyful life. Nevertheless, society still blames the African-American for numerous set-backs in our economy, crimes, drugs and poverty. When in reality if they would have had the opportunity from the beginning with our Constitution, “all men are created equal”, then obviously our history would be quite different. The Reconstruction Period for the African-Americans did nothing but shatter the dreams and prolong a very deserving generation of a better and deserving life; free from all racism and hatred. Thank God for people such as Martin Luther King and all of our Civil Rights leaders in the 1950’s and 1960’s, both black and white, that led this nation into a much better place to call home. Unfortunately, it didn’t occur when it was suppose to.


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