News from Spain that’s totally not depressing!

It’s nice to hear a little good news for a change. I just read an article about how Spain is working to integrate its Roma citizens. This came as a bit of a surprise to me. I’m a gypsy myself, and growing up I had always heard that the gypsies in Spain had it pretty tough. My parents told me that for a time it was illegal to speak the Romani language in Spain. A little research on Wikipedia confirmed that today only one percent of Spain’s Roma speak the language of their ancestors. But that was under the reign of Francisco Franco thirty five years ago. (Cala see link below)

            These days Spain sees that its Roma have access to education and health care and financial aid, and other countries are beginning to follow Spain’s lead. (Cala) I think we in the U.S. can learn a lesson form Spain on this one as well. In France the Roma seem to have acculturated just enough to get by, but then France is not doing any thing to aid them further. In Spain they are offering education which will aid with acculturation and things like heath care and financial aid which will facilitate integration. Perhaps we should adopt this sort of attitude toward minorities in the U.S.

Time article:,8599,2019316,00.html

Wikipedia article on the Romani language

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