I think in my eyes that if you are a minority you are going to know it and you are going to start acting like it.  Like if you start a test thinking you are going to fail it you might just fail it.  In my American Sign Language class 1010 last semester our teacher told us before we did our presentations that if you are darker skin wear lighter color clothes so your hands pop if you are lighter skin wear darker clothes so your hands can pop.  well i am taking the second course of American Sign Language 1020 and I have the same teacher and 6 (includig me) out of the class of 9 all had the same teacher so our teacher doesn’t really repeat things.  well after we did a presentation the next  class we were watching them and there was this african american in our class and she wore dark clothes not knowing what the teacher said in 1010 because she wasn’t in our 1010 class.  one classmate that had this teacher in 1010 told the african american that she couldn’t see her hands because her hands didn’t pop.  she wasn’t trying to be mean at all she was just giving the african american advice and she has not come back to class after that comment was made.

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