The Great School Debate

In this weeks class we had a great conversation about the school system and it’s faults.  It really got me thinking the last few days and its true the system is flawed and could use work; so as I thought about it and came up with what I believe would be a well constructed system.  Here it is and please comment and let me know what you think.  Grades K-8 children should be exposed to the basic acedemic knowledge needed to be a functional member of society, which includes subjects like math, english, history, and science.  In high school the student should be taught in the first year basic skills needed to function in this world like balancing a check book, paying bills, and other life skills; because not all students have a good and stable home life with adults to teach them how to do these things. This will procide them with the basic skills needed to survive in today’s world.  The next three years need to offer the student the opportunity to choose their own path wether it be math, medical, biology, english, culinary arts, carpentry, etc.  This would limit the repetitive material and useless knowledge acquired during the high school years.  It would also allow the student to choose what they want at an early age, which would effect the grades of many students.  My experience has been that if a student is not intrested in the subject it is much harder to learn and do well in that course, but if the student could begin studying what the wanted at a younger age it would give them a leg up on college and improve on grades and pass rates.  This system would prepare students for life and the careers they want to persue regardless what that may be.  This is my solution to the poor acedemic system in this country, if anyone has any other ideas or agrees that this would be a good idea comment and let me know what you think.

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2 Responses to The Great School Debate

  1. acute73 says:

    I like your ideas. I do think however, some repetition is necessary and maybe could be incorportated into every new skill. For example, small refreshers in math for culinary, carpentry and science. I love the idea of teaching basic skills with check writing and bill paying. Many children who become adults go through a sort of shock when they have to get out into the real world of adulthood because they haven’t been taught how to use money wisely. Some don’t even know the importance of a credit score and how it can effect their lives financially.

  2. daisymay07 says:

    In some schools classes are offered as option classes….i took a couple of classes that taught me about everyday life skills. I took money management which taught me how 2 do taxes and balance a check book etc…. they had home ec which taught me how to cook….there was this class called K.I.D.S. class which taught me that being a teen mother is hard (you had 2 carry around a fake baby around for a whole weekend and you were the only one to take care of the baby). Then they had vocational options….they had culinary, medical, cosmotology, carpentry, secetetary work, etc. You also have to think about the students who have problems with going to school for medical or personal reasons. High school is hard some teenagers develop really bad depression and turn to illegal substances and they don’t care. They don’t care about learning if they are struggling to get out of bed everyday. Those children will still do bad in school and then they will still not be learning these important traits. I think it should be the students choice on if they want to take a vocational in high school. Yes I do agree though that some of the optional classes should be requirements like money management…but the one I think should be a requirement for both genders is the K.I.D.S class…..after dealing with that fake baby for a weekend I didn’t want to have kids for a long time. These teenagers are having babies and they think that everything is going to stay happy they don’t realize that life as they know it (being a teenager) is ending. it is a harsh wake up call.

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