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NPR Analyst

            NPR analyst Juan Williams was fired from his job for saying that he was uncomfortable of flying in a plane with a Muslim person. William believes that wasn’t right and that he shouldn’t have been fired. He also believes … Continue reading

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Chinese Activist

             Liu Xiaobo is a human rights activist who has called on the Chinese government to be accountable for its actions. He has been detained, arrested and sentenced repeatedly for his peaceful political activities. However, a few days Xiaobo received the … Continue reading

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Never to Late….

I’m posting this entry a little late because I have been dealing with some medical issues, but no worries i’m here now and ready to blog.   I want to start this blog with a couple questions for the readers: … Continue reading

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Will the Wiki Leaks Sink Our Ship?

There will soon to come, and I guess are here all ready, documents that are going to shed light on how the US Government operates with other countries. Is this going to pose a problem for us as our allies … Continue reading

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Looking For Answers

Many times I have found my thoughts and questions nagging me after class. We have been studying Asian Americans and for some reason this group has weighed on my brain quite heavily. I went to highschool with a variety of … Continue reading

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We were talking in class about how the stereotype for Asian Americans are smart.  Well  in my life span psychology class when we talked about suicide Asian Americans have a higher rate of suicide because there is so much pressure … Continue reading

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Just a different view of Thanksgiving.

Just an interesting video about Thanksgiving Day. What are you really celebrating?, According to Native Americans;its nothing to be thankful for. Opinions Welcome.

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