Mother’s anger

I, feel the angry the mother of , Dele Solaru the 16 year old footbal player, who was detained at gun point. Because he wass going door to door in his Pepper Pike neighborhood selling booster cards for his high school team. It all started with a 911 call that a suspicius African American male, was armed and approaching houses in the neighborhood.  By a male child  who said the man had a gun, so quess who the suspiciuos person was? It was the 16 year old Demo Solaru, who is an honor student who live just around the corner. Also has live it that neighborhood since he was 5 years old. The reason why the phone was made was , because was black. But he was only following his coach’s orders ,and that was to go door to door to sell the $10.00 booster cards to his neighbors. This young-man was frisk and the officers had surround him. How will he recover from this experience? We might also ask why did the mother made that that call? even nor she said her son was immagination. Why did the 12 year old white boy observe the black boy , and taught he was a threat? That why we need to have conversations with our young, on how to recognize personal bias and avoid stereotying

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