Richer get Richer, Poorer get Poorer

I came across this interesting article and it kind of deals with how richer people get richer and poorer get poorer, this on the other has to also deal with countries and how richer and bigger countries get richer, while poorer and less developed countries get poorer, basically this is a report done by the United Nations about which countries have the best living conditions and the way they determine that is by seeing where each country ranks among global wealth, poverty, health, and education. The U.S. is ranked 5th, but I do not agree they should be ranked that high due to levels of crime, education, and health is not as good as countries like Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, and some countries from the UK, I do not know how U.S. reached 5th place when last year I believe they were 13th and the economy and health are at the same position as last year if not worse, I think the U.S. should be in the top 10, but not in the top 5. On the other side countries from Africa are getting poorer and poorer year by year, and there health is deteriating as well. The only country that I have noticed that is making big jumps toward the top is China. So this report is kind of similar to when in class we talked about how poorer communities get poorer, and richer get richer, it does not only represent local communities, but internationally as well.

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