NCAA Mascot Controversy

The debate that we were having in class about the Cleveland Indians’ mascot (Chief Wahoo) got me interested in other American Indian mascot controversies. When I typed that very subject into the internet, the first topic that came up was the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux. Their school logo and nickname was recently retired due to the many supporters that rallied and protested to have it changed. The interesting aspect of this was that fact that the National College Athletic Association (NCAA) would have allowed the University to keep the logo and name if both American Indian tribes in the state would approve it. One tribe overwhelmingly approved it and the other tribe did not respond.

In my opinion, their logo was respectful and a tribute to their culture rather than a cartoon. Some mascots are out of taste and may seem to be disrespectful. This is probably why one of the local tribes gave their support and approval to keep it the name. It all comes down to the context that you use. A mascot name or logo can be a thing to be  proud of if portrayed the right way, or in opposition can be a reason for embarrassment and anger if portrayed inaccurately or inappropriately.

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One Response to NCAA Mascot Controversy

  1. jasongardner says:

    Very interesting. But im curious. Do you know why the other tribe did not respond at all?

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