Video-games limits

This is an law in California that would ban selling violent video games to minors. They when so far as the Supreme court, but the Supreme Court seemed little trouble by this law.  With the arguments to uphold this measure, would create a new First Amendment protection of speech. Justice Antonin Scalin saids, you want us to create a whole new prohibition for the American people. He pointed out that their our childrens books that have violent imagery of all types of villains. So how are you suppose to category violent materials for childrens? So how do you cut it off at the video games?’ Then you ask what about tv, films, comic books? So after taking it to the Supreme Court, the court rule in the 9th US Ciircuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco,  that the law would violate the First Amendment of free-speech. I , also agree we don’t need Big Brother watching everything we do.

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2 Responses to Video-games limits

  1. daisymay07 says:

    they r tryin 2 do do that w/rated r movies….i was buying a rated r movie one day and my b/f drove 2 the mall so i left my purse at home and they would not sell me the dvd cuz i didn’t have a id and i didn’t look old enough 2 buy it. I took my b/f 2 the back of the store and i am look here is the money buy this movie 4 me i feel discriminated. My b/f went up 2 the counter and bought the movie no problem. the funny thing is that when i was trying 2 buy it my b/f was standing right next 2 me. so when my b/f was trying 2 buy it the casheir knew it was 4 me. basically the moral of the story is there is ways around this law just like underage people….they always have a friend over 21 or a parent or a grandparent that will buy them the booze. it is rediculous and it is stupid 2 have age limits on things when some1 is going 2 find a way around it

  2. I feel that the problem lies with the household of those who play violent video games as well as be violent themselves outside of that virtual “world”. The games themselves do not breed violence or drive those who play them to become violent, if the household in which that child lives is stable and he/she has parents that are raising them right, but who’s to say what is right, I know I’m sure not ha ha. I love video games, shoot em up bloody ones, but by no means am I violent nor care to be anymore than needed of me at any given time, pretty much a hippie >.<..and I can say that same thing about numerous gaming friends and family young and old….

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