Bullying of homosexuals

I read this article that discussed the attempt to crackdown on bullying in schools, in particular the bullying of homosexual students.  The main purpose of this article was to show that while some want to make young individuals aware of “diverse families and sexuality” others find this to be a hidden agenda to push for endorsement of gay marriage.

Pastor Rick Demato of Montana stated, “We do not want the minds of children to be polluted with the things of a carnal-minded society.”  He later said, “Of course we’re all against bullying, but the Bible says very clearly that homosexuality is wrong, and Christians don’t want the schools to teach subjects that are repulsive to their values.”

This is interesting to me.  Yes, the bible is against homosexual ACTS.  However the bible does not say it is against homosexuals.  Back in the day that the bible was supposedly written and brought together, there were no knowledge of homosexuality so there would be no passages on this matter.  These passages must have been added later, which makes me speculate the bibles teachings even more.

Later in this article, Candi Cushman, an educational analyst for a Christian group, stated, “We need to protect all children from bullying but the advocacy groups are promoting homosexual lessons in the name of anti-bullying.”

I find it completely ignorant that some individuals, whom say they are all for protecting against bullying yet they are not willing to accept others for who they are.  I understand that people’s faith has a great deal to do with their views on many issues.  I think they also forget that the bible says, “Love thy neighbor as thyself” as well as, “Do unto others as you would have done unto you”. Religious radicals who are so very against gay marriage and homosexuals, forget that as the bible may have verses stating that God is against such acts and people, it also preaches to accept others for who they are.

What if the bible preached, no african americans or whites (because Jesus would resemble a middle eastern person)?.

We place so much emphasis on the literal meaning of this book, we forget the morals of the story.  The bible attempts to teach us to be accepting of others and to love each other.  Some radical passages do state outlandish things, but the overall message is to love everyone for who they are.  It obviously isn’t being taught in all faiths that way.

Is religion missing something? Is religion lacking the teaching of it’s true meanings? What is it going to take to change peoples views from literal meaning to what it wants us to learn?

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2 Responses to Bullying of homosexuals

  1. acute73 says:

    This is a very thought provoking post. I know a lot of people are uncomfortable speaking of religion but I respect the fact that you didn’t in this post. I have personally found that people speak of homosexuality as though it were a disease and it seems with the statements made by the people quoted above, that they speak against bullying as long as it is against heterosexuals. I think that bullying is wrong no matter who you do it to. Being protected from harm should be a part of all of our human rights because we all deserve our dignity.

  2. jasongardner says:

    I think that the way these people treat homosexuals is similar to modern racism. It is more covert. They are literally saying “I don’t mind homosexuals. Bullying them is wrong, but keep those sinners away from my kids!”

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