Christians and Muslims dine in Cleveland.

There was an uplifting article earlier this week regarding a recent event that happen in Cleveland last week. It was a simple dinner between the Turkish American Society of Ohio and St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church to debunk the myths about Muslims and Christians.  Even thou some of the comments are very interesting, I feel this is a good thing were two different beliefs can come together to try or help understand each owns religion.  The more we talk about or differences and similarities, I think society, as a whole will be better off.  We should celebrate their outreach toward each other. I’ve included the link for your enjoyment.


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One Response to Christians and Muslims dine in Cleveland.

  1. That was a interesting article, I think that more groups should take this approach to help bridge ties between not only them, but the community around them. For example, if there is a community of four different immigrant groups and they are all competing for things, but if two of those groups come together it sends a message to the other two and then relations could improve from there on. So if, at this time of war, if two of the “opposing” groups come together i.e christians and muslims then good things should follow! Kudos to them~

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