Cultural Capitalism, and Starbucks?

Another Video which I found pretty intresting as well, although the speaker as a bit of a lisp he still gets the point across. Talks about way in which we try to solve the problem of poverty , by simply keeping the poor alive. And how companies use this sense of “your bettering the world” to promote their product for example when you buy a coffee from starbucks your doing more then just drinking a cup of coffee your helping the people who picked the bean get a fair price for their coffee and such, this is why your cup of starbucks coffee tastes that much better, or why walking into starbucks just feels like a friendly atmosphere, all to help drive sales.  This marketing strategy does so well, because as people we tend to think we are but a mere spec on the globe; but if we purchase this cup of coffee we fulfill some sort of ethic responsibility. Therefore, even though at first glance we say “starbucks is so overpriced” we still purchase it because the company ensures that your 3$ is inferior to how great the cause is. (Helping others > Your dollar)   In a sense, from watching this video I think that even though we may think as individuals we are helping those in need of charity, we are only introducing a bigger crutch.

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