English as a National Language?

I just want to comment on what someone said in class about how this is America and everybody should speak English. First of all, this land was inhabitat by Native Americans if you want to make U.S. have a national language then we should take the language spoken by Native Americans because they were here first. Secondly, the people that came over the Americas weren’t only Englsih, but you also had Germans, so should we make German a national language as well!? You can’t have a national language in the U.S. simply because this land was made up of immigrants who came from all over the world, and each region has certain types of people living there. Florida is a great example because that state was owned by the Spanish before they gave it to the U.S., so they have a right to speak spanish in that area. Also someone said that when people from America go to Europe or other countries they have to speak that language or they will be considered arrogant, but when people come to the U.S. they don’t need to speak the language to come here, well that’s not true because I have family and been to Europe on numerous occasions and I can tell you that the children are thought English as a Second Language when they get to Middle School and it is actually required to take that class if you are going to keep going to school, so people shouldn’t be judging immigrants or tourists that come here unless they have experienced it themselves.

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One Response to English as a National Language?

  1. acute73 says:

    I thought we brought up a lot of interesting points in class on this subject. I do think this comes down to fear. People are afraid that they will lose what they know as their reality and the fear doesn’t necessarily have to do with what we add, in this case language, but what might be taken away.

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