Pledge in Spanish……how could they!

On November 4th, Fox news reported that a mother from Oklahoma was outraged over her son receiving a zero on an assignment in which he refused to recite the pledge of allegiance in Spanish.  Her point seems valid that yes, this is the United States and we do speak English, but the funny thing is that the assignment was for a SPANISH CLASS!  It had nothing to do with equality for all, or respect for cultures that are members our society, it was nothing more than an assignment for an 8th grade language class.   It is funny how some parents can pull a controversy out of nothing to defend their child’s laziness.  The school decided to give the student a different assignment and this parent was able to make national news and spread her stupidity.   I would have understood if a science teacher was making all the students recite the pledge in Spanish, how parent would have objections to that.  I think it all comes back to the concept that most white Americans fear that there will be a point where they will become the minority.  Once schools and other public establishments force recognition to growing minority cultures, that minority then becomes an equal to the majority.   No matter how politically correct some people talk, I think that this notion scares some more than they let on. 

This is the local news channel that originally interviewed the mother and I found some of the  comment on this article really crazy.  I felt like some ended with “white power” but the editors censored it out.,0,7139393.story

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One Response to Pledge in Spanish……how could they!

  1. missy40 says:

    People are always looking for the limelight, even when it includes “using”their children. It is only common sense that if you’re learning Spanish and this was your assignment, then do it. So many people look deeper into simple things in life. Makes you wonder what the hidden agenda is and what they are trying to achieve. It is a benefit to this child to learn Spanish, since so many jobs require you to be bi-lingual.

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