Invidious prejudice’

What public figures had to say about building , of the Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan.  Well former Justice John Paul Stevens of the Supreme Court, on the other hand , had delivered one of the sanest and most instructive arguments. Stevens who had serve in World War II, said he had negative feelings after he would see Japanese tourist visting the USS Arizona memorial. ” He would say to his self what are those people doing here” Because of the war, and we won the war, and they lost the war. Because od that Stevens says ” We should not allow them the Japanese people be allow to celebrate their attack on Pearl Harbor.  But Stevens recognize his mistake in “drawing inferences ” when he saw the Japanese tourists.  The Japanese tourist was not responsible for what their countrymen did back in World War II. He also said “the Muslims that are planning to build the mosque  are not responsiable for what  a different group of Muslims did on 9/11.”Mr Stevens, also said that most Muslims who pray in New York mosques ”  may have come here to escape radicals like those in the Taliban.”But the debate over should the mosque and the community center be build in Lower Manhattan? People are scare , and the fear of the unknown , because we don’t want another 9/11, and I feel that they should build the mosque in another area of the city that’s to close to Ground Zero. So , I quess you would call this “invidious prejudice.’

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