English our Official Language?

English is the official language of at least 50 Countries. Not in the United States of America. Beginning with our Founding Fathers, they saw no need for an “Official Language”, and realized many different languages spoken as a Democratic right. I am personally ok with not having English our official language, however there are benefits to learning it. I believe if people come here and visit then they should not have to adapt; however, if they decide to stay and make America their home, then I believe it will hurt them not to learn English. As one of the most “diverse” countries in the world, we have embraced many different cultures and offered opportunities other countries do not. I believe it will only cripple immigrants if seeking better paying jobs and other benefits America has to offer if they do not speak English. If I went to France, and decided to stay then I would learn French, knowing I would not get far in their culture if I did not speak it fluently, furthermore, I may possibly be taken advantage of with employment and other opportunities France has to offer. While there is no “official language” in America and it is not forced upon you to learn, it is a stepping-stone to a better future if you learn the native language of the country you reside, voluntarily for yourself. No-one likes to be forced to do something, but when you realize the benefits of something, then you are more apt to transform. It does not mean you cannot speak your native language, however, if you’re native language is not being spoken in places of business, services and other places of employment, then you have a choice. If there was a job I really wanted and you had to be fluent in Spanish, then I would learn Spanish, this does not mean I would stop speaking English at home. If you want to succeed in America and seek equal opportunity, better paying jobs and not be discriminated against because of a language barrier (not that you should be taken advantage of anyway, unfortunately, that is the way it is) then I believe it’s best to learn English. I do not believe we need to make it a law, forcing people to do something is wrong and America is about choices and I believe people will do what is best for them and their families.


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3 Responses to English our Official Language?

  1. spiro20 says:

    I’m going to have to disagree with some of your ideas. Although you are easily saying that if you go to a different country, you would learn that language for “better” opportunities. I’m a foreigner myself and having to learn a different language is not the easiest thing in the world. Especially learning English, it is very difficult. People that are at younger ages like myself find it a lot easier to learn English, however for our parents it is not easy. When you come to a different country what can you do first? Learn the language, work multiple low paying jobs to support the family or go to school? As those things are laid down it doesn’t seem as easy anymore. As I have seen Americans are the only people in the world that know only ONE language. Everywhere else they at least know two languages. It’s hard to talk about something that you have not experienced before, because believe me if you were in my position you wouldn’t see it this way!

    • missy40 says:

      Well I’m sorry I disagree. If my “choice” was to reside in a different country, no matter what my age may be, first and foremost would be to start learning the language. I would do it simply because I would want better choices for myself and my family. Learning another language is difficult, however, when everyone speaks a certain language where you reside, how do you take care of business? How do you apply for employment? How do you apply for loans? I think it would be so frustrating, I believe more so than learning the language. I have many friends that speak either Spanish or French, and yes it was difficult for them to learn; however, the opportunities seem to be better for them than people who speak only one language. (Yes, they are American too) There are many situations that are difficult for many people, all I am implying is that hard work pays off in the end. And if that “hard work” is learning the language where you have chosen to reside, then you will eventually be rewarded by multiple opportunities that otherwise may not be available; in addition I don’t feel others(employers) would have the ammo to take advantage of you. (or others for that purpose)

  2. goldfish2010 says:

    I do believe it would be nice for everyone to learn english. However, I will have to agree with the first comment. Alot of these older immigrants have been through so much; for older people it is hard to learn another language, sometimes even impossible. Besides if everyone knew english then our translators/interpreters wouldnt have many jobs.

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