A Review and A Good Class

We had a chance to review our teacher in class the other day and I hope he knows we all respect him and think he is a great teacher (remember this when you grade our blogs and tests). 

With that being said I will move on to talk about the class discussion on illegal immigration and how each person had there own take on the matter, as would be expected with such a hot button issue.  Tonight at dinner with my uncle, older brother, and a few friends I brought this topic up and it was pretty interesting to hear different people, not in a race and ethnic relations class, voice their personal opinions on the matter.  My uncle for instance said the way to stop the illegal immigration of mexicans into America would be to make a large ditch from coast to coast along the boarder fill it with water and put all the unwanted alligators in Florida into the water and give an open invitation for anyone in Mexico to come to America by swimming across if you made it you would become a citizen.  Although this was a ridiculous answer it shows the different attitudes different people have towards this matter. A friend of my retorted and opposing my uncle’s view argued that illegal immigrants should be granted citizenship because they are part of our economy regardless what anyone says or thinks.   I kept quiet during this whole conversation just observing and listening so I could write it down in this blog and share it with all.  Its a real eye opener when issues come into conversation out of class because the views we share with the class are just as profound and unique as the ones I hear with all sorts of people in my everyday life.  This shows that the members of this class are not holding back and are making this class a great experience for me and with that I thank you and hope we continue to make this a great class for the remainder of the semester.

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One Response to A Review and A Good Class

  1. acute73 says:

    I struggle with my own views on this issue. Fortunately, I find more and more that the best way to handle it is to tell myself “If you don’t want to be part of the solution, don’t be part of the problem.” Therefore, I am educating myself. Our class has helped me tremendously. I think education really breaks down barriers. Our class fosters inclusion for many ideas and a safe place to share them. Great post!

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