Ride your bike with the American Flag.

I’m sure you seen or heard the story about a middle school student in Denair, California tried to ride his bike to school with an American flag taped to the back, and was told by administration at his school to take it off.  If you haven’t I attached an article below for  your reference.  I feel this student has the right to fly the American flag or any flag of his choice any or every day of the week, especially on veterans day.  The question is, did his school take down the American Flag they fly in front of their school? This will ultimate lead to a lawsuit against the school. I think common sense went out the window in this situation, and the administrators in charge should  be required to take more Sociology classes.


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One Response to Ride your bike with the American Flag.

  1. goldfish2010 says:

    I agree that the kid should be able to fly his own countries flag, we have the freedom to do that here. I really dont understand why they rejected the AMERICAN flag. I know that after 9/11 many American flags went up and no one had a problem with that, I wonder why now people like that school administrator has a problem. He’s probably not very patriotic.

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