The Deadly Sin

             The words written across the Scence Magazine in big letters were “Did catering to a black crowd spell the end for Lust” really caught my attention this weekend. Lust a nightclub downtown Cleveland has lost all of their business lately. TV reports and front-page articles suggested the club played host to underage drinkers, violent episodes, and excessive noise. According to the owner of Lust he thinks that all the people trying to complain about the place was because of the type of crowd that came to hang out over there. He says “The downtown white business establishment has always been uncomfortable with black people.”

             In some points I agree with the owner because I have seen it myself downtown that certain clubs are racist. For example this time as I was trying to get into the club there was a black boy in front of me and the bouncer didn’t let him in because of his dress code, he was wearing baggy clothes and he wasn’t allowed in with baggy clothes.  Which to me that doesn’t make any sense, how a person dresses shouldn’t be up to the bouncer. If there was really a dress code at the clubs than I don’t know how some girls are allowed to get in when their dresses are so short that half of their butts are showing. If the bouncers are going to force dress code they should do it on everyone and not just on people they “think” are going to bring a riot inside.

             Media only likes to exaggerate the information. In America the police is called about every little thing. It has been reported that the police have been called 41 times at the club and has had only 1 arrest. To look at from a stand point yes you think it’s a lot of times, however the place next to Lust has had the cops called 45 times and 23 arrests. I think people need to start looking at the big picture and not  to assume just because a lot of black people go in the club, something bad must be going on.

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