Just a different view of Thanksgiving.

Just an interesting video about Thanksgiving Day. What are you really celebrating?, According to Native Americans;its nothing to be thankful for. Opinions Welcome.

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2 Responses to Just a different view of Thanksgiving.

  1. mufc20 says:

    This was great man, and the Native Americans do have a point about Thanksgiving and yea what are you really celebrating? I mean we all know that Native Americans were here first, so how can some other people claim it there’s.

  2. jasongardner says:

    How can anyone who debates a Native American while wearing a ridiculous paper headdress be taken seriously. Those natives were trying to push the parents of those children out of there comfort zone. And if it would have worked, maybe those people would have had an independent thought. But it didn’t. That was like an actor in blackface defending himself to an African American: “Oh painting my face black and degrading your culture is a decades long tradition. Have some chicken and watermelon.”

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