Never to Late….

I’m posting this entry a little late because I have been dealing with some medical issues, but no worries i’m here now and ready to blog.

  I want to start this blog with a couple questions for the readers:

1. Which Minority Group do you find to be most discriminated against?

2.  Which Minority Group do you think is most successful?

3.  What do you think the solution is to ending the issue of race in America?

Well now that you have these questions floating around in your head I will give you my answers so you can compare them to yours.

1.  I believe that people of Middle Eastern countries are the most discriminated group in present day America.  Since September 11th 2001 when the World Trade Centers were attacked the majority and other minority groups in America have turned hostile towards Middle Easterners living in the United States.  The ongoing hazing and discrimination that these people are experiencing is beginning to reach new levels and is surpassing the injustices and disadvantages other minority groups have suffered in the past and present.

2.  Keeping with our last class I do believe Asain Americans have been the most successful minority group in America.  They have taking stereotypes that could have been seen as negative and used them to their advantage and continue to be a growing and prosporous minority group in the United States.

3.  When you first read this question you probably thought, “how could anyone fit this answer in a blog response?”  Well its as easy as this; to end discrimination and inequality people of all colors and creeds need to suck it up and move through life until eventually the racism and discrimination become a distant past and all the young generations will be able to remember is a unified multi-colored nation.

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One Response to Never to Late….

  1. daisymay07 says:

    i do think you are right about the middle eastern people being discriminated against. I have said this before and I am going to say it again. I have a muslim friend and when he goes out or works at his jobs people will be so rude to him and they will look at him weird. He wouldn’t hurt a fly and I feel really bad for him.

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