Chinese Activist

             Liu Xiaobo is a human rights activist who has called on the Chinese government to be accountable for its actions. He has been detained, arrested and sentenced repeatedly for his peaceful political activities. However, a few days Xiaobo received the Nobel Peace Prize for his long and non-violent struggle for fundamental human rights. The Chinese government continues to think that Xiaobo is a bad guy for trying to speak out the truth, but a number of individuals, states and organizations across the world called for his release.

             Even though some people would disagree and say that giving the Nobel Prize to a prisoner is not right. China has their own government and their own rules; we cannot force them to change their views just because we think something is right or wrong. There are no perfect governing bodies in this world. If the Chinese people are happy with what they have and who they are right now, I think we all should respected it.

             Liu Xiaobo is a fitting recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize for 2010. The Nobel Peace Prize Committee members deserve applause for their stand. I strongly agree that Xiaobo did the right thing about speaking the truth out loud and he should not be prisoned for that. For years, he has bravely pressed for basic freedoms and multi-party elections in Communist Party-dominated China and has been made to suffer for his views. Beijing must accept that, if it is to be a respected member of the international community, it must introduce practice and protect all human rights.

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