NPR Analyst

            NPR analyst Juan Williams was fired from his job for saying that he was uncomfortable of flying in a plane with a Muslim person. William believes that wasn’t right and that he shouldn’t have been fired. He also believes that NPR was just finding reasons to fire him, so they just used the comment that he made as an excuse to do so.

            The reason why this is made such a big deal now is because of what happened on 9/11. If this comment was made before 9/11 this wouldn’t have been seen the same way. William knows that he talks on a public radio and a lot of people listen to him. He also knows the relationship that Muslims and Americans are having right now. He should have been more careful the way he spoke out in public.

            One of the most striking things about this issue is that for liberals, Muslims are the new top minority to protect. If you have two minorities at odds with each other, in this case an African American versus Muslims, then the Muslims win.

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