Prejudice and Discrimination: The Birds

This clip demonstrates a great example of prejudice thoughts occurring, which eventually leads to discrimination. As the clip begins, we see a set of birds gathering on a phone wire. All the birds are small in stature, look very alike, and act in the same way. The birds all seem to come from the same family. As the clip continues, the birds notice a different type of bird, a bigger bird sitting close to them. One of the smaller birds seems to make a joke about the bigger bird and they all laugh.  The smaller birds then move away from the bigger bird and continue to stress dislike for the outcast. The bigger bird soon flies over and joins the group of smaller birds. This leads to one of the smaller birds to peck at the bigger bird, which causes him to become turned upside-down on the wire. The smaller birds continue to peck the bigger bird until he falls to the ground.

This clip does a great job in describing what happens when a group of people, who come from the same background, culture, and who share the same values, come into contact with someone who is different. The smaller birds first judge the bigger bird on the way he looks. He is different because he is bigger and has a longer beak. We can see by the actions of the smaller birds that they think the bigger bird is stupid and has no place in being around them. Next, the smaller birds try and segregate themselves from the bigger bird. They do this because they do not want to be associated with a bird who is different. The birds then discriminate by acting off of their prejudice feelings towards the bigger bird. They do this by pecking him off of the wire. Although this short Pixar film is humorous and fun to watch, it does describe an accurate account of how prejudice feelings can lead to discrimination. 

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One Response to Prejudice and Discrimination: The Birds

  1. donkeykong64 says:

    This has been the best i’ve read this entire semester. I never looked at this short film in that way until I read this and now it makes this an even better animation. Thanks and keep up the good work!

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